In the beginning we were just a bunch of kids who loved music. Rap, Country, Rock, it didn't matter. As long as it sounded good, beat hard and talked about the world we knew... we embraced it. Music was our escape, our getaway from reality. Dirtbagz is what they used to call us, and the name stuck. Probably for good reason. Most of us never had a pot to piss in. We came from hard working and broken families that scraped to get by, spending most of our days learning the value of a hard earned dollar and most our nights on the tailgate, just gazing up at the stars dreaming of a better tomorrow. Maybe it was the allure of the impossible that made us dream so big, that or the fear of never becoming anything more than what we saw around us. Either way we knew we were meant for more, we were meant to escape... and music was our way out.

No one believed. In us, in our dream. But we believed in each other and that's probably what kept us going. Against every odd we fought and clawed for that escape, that dream. To eventually touch those stars... Then one day it happened. We made it. Walked away from our 9 to 5's and became Rock Stars. It was perfect. Every city opened up a whole new world, every street corner a whole new thrill. Suddenly we were living the dream. Then something happened. The pressures of the industry slowly began to strip away our love for it, the sharks of the business dulled out our passion, and before we knew it we found ourselves standing in a place we never dreamed... musical purgatory. That dark and lonely place where you've lost all inspiration, where the hunger has faded and the dream all but died. That place where you find yourself churning out song after song for the very machine that has robbed you of your dream.

They tried to tie us down, put us in a box, slap a label on us. Sell us to the world. HickHop is what they called us... we never really cared for the name. In our minds we were just the same Dirtbagz we'd always been, making the same music we always loved, and none of us ever did too well with being tied down. So we did what we were born to do... break free and build our dream our way. When it comes to music we make Dirt Rock, but this isn't just about music, it's about us. About who we are, our way of life. The Dirtbagz. From the trailer park to the dirt road, from the inner city to the suburbs. It's every blue collar hard working American that grinds that 9-5 just to make ends meet. Every Redneck that gets lost with a jar of shine and fishin' pole to forget the troubles of the day. It's every suburban kid who loses himself in his headphones when the world around him doesn't make any sense. When we were kids they used to call misfits, troublemakers... Dirtbagz. Yeah, that's us. Dirtbagz, and we wear it like a badge of honor.